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Resources Draining with no consumers active

Real fast, i don;t think this is repeatable and I don't know how I got to this.

I play a single player online mars region. I just got done finishing my first research map of Center for artificial learning buildings as well as a map of adv robot inc buildings. However, no matter what I do in terms of robot production, it is matched with an equal amount of consumption yet it still drains my storage like no other as it shows on both regional and both city resource statistics.

I tried deactivating the research buildings, and went as far as deleting all of them off the map. However it still drains and on regional stats page it still says my research map is still consuming it all even when there are no buildings. I wonder if it is a save file bug or something. its been going on for a couple days now with no correction.

I must also say that the file had some issues with not saving properly and had often times went corrupt leading me to revert to past saves. I'm not sure what to do but I cant progress without buying billions of money worth of robots every time i need to build more of something.

tldr: game thinks there are research buildings that consumes robots, but there are none. results in constant over consumption.

Win10 not browser. version 1.3.0

Idle on the map that's causing the drain for 15 minutes (may have to extend the time). I get this bug every once in a while.

A few things can cause it.
If you are building something. Wait for it to finish before moving onto another map.
If you just had a huge dip in resources wait a few minutes for everything to register.
There's a few other things I'm blanking on I'll add them if I remember them.
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deleting the city entirely seems to have solved the problem. I tried all of them but with nothing different. I will just rebuild research city.
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