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RE:Another Ape Apps Launcher Update plus Coming Changes

2021-02-23 21:34:07
bastecklein said:I suppose if you wanted to go all out you could have it open in the launcher, the pwa, the steam client, the windows store client, and on your phone lol.

In theory, yes. But.. when i have both account open (ape apps launcher and standalone version), some time a colony, or both account, they interrupt the connection to the server. After i need to relog. In particular when i change Map, the other account need to be resetted.

bastecklein said:Are you saying that you want the option to transfer a city to a different account?

Yes, could solve most of my problem (and other players problems, pretty sure i'm not the only one with 2+ account active).

RE:Another Ape Apps Launcher Update plus Coming Changes

2021-02-23 16:15:00
Only 2.

For change the owner? Since i can open different colony at the same time, moving Inner Space from Ansomback, to Ansom, will solve the problem.

RE:Another Ape Apps Launcher Update plus Coming Changes

2021-02-22 22:04:55

Thanks :) Tomorrow I'll check it out, for the moment it seems to be fine (CPU consume).

With the standalone version out the market, with version you suggest for working in tune with the ape apps launcher, for having an other game open with an other account?

RE:Ape Apps Launcher 1.6.0 x64 CPU heavy

2021-02-19 16:52:44

Seems the problem isn't correlated to the launcher directly (standalone version have the same problem).

Often, when i do some operation, like create a new city row (25 medium city), or a triantanium medium city, or adv shipyards map, the cpu usage remain elevate, and the game after some time become choppy, with low frame rate. As if the game keeps reworking old information.

RE:My Colony v1.12.0 Released

2021-02-19 15:57:10
phyrexfirestorm said:How about fixing the gifting capacity? It is now permanently locked to 3000, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to assist a colony that doesn't play online mode. The GBT allows this to be bypassed for online play, so why is that not possible for offline as well?

Can you post the colony name or code? Because for me the gifts cap work fine.

RE:I keep losing save data

2021-02-18 14:48:15
Resources or building? Online game?

RE:Regions not working properly

2021-02-10 18:50:07
100% sure? because the you will see first the multiplayer region, and only few screen later, the standard region.

RE:Regions not working properly

2021-02-10 14:13:13
Standard region or multiplayer region?

Ape Apps Launcher 1.6.0 x64 CPU heavy

2021-01-22 16:24:25

I have noticed an CPU heavy use after the last update (1.5.2 >> 1.6.0). Using the 1.5.2 i have the processor at 23-24 °C, with the 1.6.0 27-29 °C.

Gifts and packages never delivered, furious customers!

2021-01-09 12:06:54
Related to the other post (game losing connection to the server), in the past days i have notices the lost to several gifts. Some time I'm not even able to send gifts (colony is offline all the time, even if both are running on the same pc), but in other cases, the packages leave correctly, they are taken over by the courier, but never delivered..

Strange Gifts

2021-01-04 11:12:35

Today i have found this gifts in every colony. Is.. strange, the amount (should be 3B..) and the player was able to send gifts even to offline colonies.


RE:Lag at only 6k colonists

2021-01-02 21:29:10
The game don't simulate each colonists independently anymore. Now is "house" based. An house with 6 colonists, or 16k, don't make much difference.

I have several medium city (region map) with 1 million colonists running without any problem or lag.

I have lag only from making bots (thousands), or when i ungroup large bots grp, es 10k stacks.

You play with the last version? 1.11

RE:Won't load account

2020-12-30 21:40:59
Platform? Standalone version, ape apps launcher, chrome?

Have you tried to clean the open session?

RE:Losing Resources

2020-12-24 22:33:09

After you have open the game again, you have insert again nickname and password?

RE:Connection Error: the server has rejected your login credentials

2020-12-23 19:02:52
Nice :)

RE:Connection Error: the server has rejected your login credentials

2020-12-23 15:03:26

Could be possible a little script, a little frame or/and alert windows, if a online game don't have any connection to the server for some time, politely ask to close and reopen the game, and if no player action in 5/10min, auto save, and close the colony ("back to menu").

RE:Settlements, Transit, Governments, Resources, and Economics etc

2020-12-22 17:42:30
I think we sort of decided that resources would work in a similar manner to MC1. One thing I think needs to be finalized is resource pools. Should they be player based, or settlement based? I am of mixed opinions on this, so would like to hear feedback and pros/cons of each, since I need to start adding resources to the engine fairly soon before I can move on.

Some resources need to be like MC1, but they can not be both?

Steel factory:
  • -2 ore (like utility)
  • +1 steel (like utility)
  • 150 steel unit (like mc1, for building)

In mc1, you remember why you were forced to add a hardcap for the payroll assistance? Some player are born only for give chaos.

The only settlement based resources pool isn't a bad idea, can be a nice way to play with friend, slowly introducing them into the game. The experienced player could actually help those unfamiliar with the game, without destroying the gameplay (like gifting billions of resources to those just starting to play).

But.. the server owner need to have the possibility to create rule, like:
  • Only player inside a list can play in settlement create by player A
  • Other player can interact with a settlement only if the player is Online
  • some blacklist
  • maximum withdrawal based on the grade
  • ecc

For the player personal resources pool, how players could change resources? Resources Like MC1, or physically located in storage? (if i have steel in sector 0:0, i can't use in sector 9900000:65465465465465)

The more I think of it in my head though, I am starting to envision a new system that is possibly a bit more complicated at first, but I think is more realistic and would add a whole new element to the game - logistics.

Love it.

If you wanna to keep the settlement little and realistic, is a good choice.

My proposal for MC2 is to have the resources literally be tied to no large single pool, but instead just sit there in the building/area they were produced until they are moved. If you build a mine somewhere, you also need a transportation system to bring the ore from the mine to the refinery, or to a warehouse, etc. Each player is responsible for this own supply lines. Suppose you build a department store in Settlement A that sells toys. You also have a factory in Settlement B that produces toys, but it is X miles away and there is a transport cost. Player2 also has a toy factory in Settlement A right across the street from your shop. You can either pay build up your own transportation infrastructure, or you can just source the toys from across the street, in which case money would change hands from Player 1 to 2.

Seems a nice bottleneck to me (a good one, not bad), able to give more realism.

There should be logistics related buildings such as trucking stations or perhaps rail lines. So there wasn't so much micromanaging, a Factory could know what resources it needs, and trucks in the area could automatically move the materials. If a truck is owned by Player 1 and the mine is owned by Player 1 and the factory is owned by Player 1, then it can be a "free shipping" scenario, otherwise you could make money by transporting resources for other players. A player could build his entire financial empire on being a "transport tycoon" and shipping resources for other players.

Seems a very nice idea. And again.. can be used from experienced players to help unfamiliar players.

Warehouses can be tweaked so that the player can decide what resources are stored there. You could say that Warehouse A on this part of town should only store Gold because there is a Mint nearby. And then trucks behind the scenes could figure out the logistics. The player could also manually set their trucking routes if they wanted more control.

So.. instead like mc1, where each warehouses have a infinite resources list, the building now is just a big place where players can put thing inside. Not bad

If each building had a "Needs" and "Provides" ledger, a lot of the logistics could happen behind the scenes automatically.

The whole transports system can easy be structured like a hydraulic system, you could copy some hydraulic formula for easy setup the system, like flow rate, speed, valves, tanks, main pipes, reducers, etc..

Another benefit of each building keeping it's own inventory would help facilitate transactions between players. Suppose Player 1 needs a new Rover, but does not have a vehicle factory, or the materials to build his own. But Player 2 has a Rover Dealership with 6 rovers in stock. You can just buy one of their rovers for Money without even needing the materials or your own factory, and Player 2 gets some nice funds added to their treasury. And perhaps the settlement gets a nice sales tax. Player 2 could tell the dealership building to always keep X numbers of Rovers in stock, and the shipping and logistics engine could take care of the rest. Or he could own the rover factory next door and set up the shipping himself. I don't know!!!

To me seems an other argument, not direct connected with the transports or warehouse. Another way to make it easier for players to interact, and again, to help other player.

At this point, why not allow the sale of buildings, or pay someone to build for us? With resources / money. And if the player B give enough resources, player A only need to move rovers, not personal resources.

In MC1, again like a dictatorship, the player controls everything related to the economy. You pay the workers, and you also tax them. I am thinking of separating this out. For MC2, I propose that the only resource an actual settlement as an entity can have is Money. Each settlement will have it's own public treasury, and the leader of that settlement decides what funds are used for the public, enacts tax policy, etc. Perhaps a settlement can be democratic where different players are able to run against each other, or perhaps a settlement is a dictatorship and leadership cannot be altered. The settlement will be able to tax both colonists, which are controlled by the engine, or businesses, which are controlled by the player. If there is a business tax in the settlement, it is taken out of profits produced by players. If the settlement wants to build a public structure like a Park, it can contract the work out to a player who has the logistics to build it. The settlement would pay a player to build the police station, but then you would use public settlement money to fund and operate it.


This system also would let a settlement leader implement zoning, as mentioned in this thread. The settlement leader could say "only houses in this area" or "only shops in this area" etc. Roads within a settlement could be the responsibility of the settlement owner, or he could just say "anybody can build necessary roads here."

If the leader can implement rules, why not.

Anyway, maybe this is all too micro-managy and I should just stick to MC1 mechanics, so I'd like to hear what others think about such a logistics system. I like it better because the game can have even more resources than MC1, but without having a huge resource bar at the top of the screen. And it's more realistic than just having storage buildings everywhere will millions of resources.

I don't thing is too much, but i love micro-management. And adding several layers of micro/macro-management, can easy become bottleneck, avoid insane stuff.

Little and nice settlement, instead to have a nearly infinite building like mc1.

One little question.. The ideas in this post are very very very nice, every one. But, they should have a maxim impact in planet with many many players. Not in a nearly infinite planet, with 2-3 players playing very far from each other.

So.. an other idea.. If Player A run Server A, and player B run Server B, they could cross playing without start again everything? In this scenario, many player server they could work together, allowing interactions of this type. But.. maybe this idea can be an other topic, not this one.

RE:Connection Error: the server has rejected your login credentials

2020-12-22 00:55:13

Today i got the same error in both account, and i lost several hours.

Seems i have lost connection to the server, in some point this afternoon, and every resource consumed or gained after this point is gone. But i was able to play normally, using the market, sending gifts, export, import resources.. the chat..

RE:Indoor connection revisited

2020-12-20 13:45:26
The idea is very nice.

And.. the connection can be used like a bottleneck, for keep the town simple and little.

For the implementation, for keeping everything easy: Road is the key! instead to having layers over layers over layers.. all structure inside (under) the road system.


RE:Resources as Utilities?

2020-12-19 21:03:02
Few resources (not 50).

uhm, global storage, but 2 storage type? Personal and "global", for every player. The admin can choice the max withdrawal?


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