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so anyway in my colony two the dves added a new adveaced veacle factory that use an excavor.

but there now can be the rpotacal for even new suefuel vecals from the factory that can be bulit so i got a few new vecale ideas

idea 1: the M.R.M.D. aka the moble raw mertals depo. bascly this veacal is bacly a much smaller moble raw mertals depo that can move when not in depoyd mode. so how it works is when you build it it looks kike knida like a very big clukky simitruck iwh a large gray and organe traler in moble mode. but when you want to get alot of those far away deposits but you dont want to buld alot of lnog roads or lnie of raw mertal depos with road like mazes just to alow thse difent knid of resorcse hervsting rovers to pathfind to them. then this viecal will bacly whn in depoy mode will bacly not only act as a suplly deopt but also a raw nmertals depo drop off ponit with a bit smaller storage just for droping thsoe resorecs off with any raw resorce depsost bascly to the nearst acatly colony resrostoke pile. but the thing here is when deplayd it can't move but allows any near by resorce reover to bascly drop off its resoring into the M.R.M.D.

very handy for long distasce resorce depost mineing wihout wasting so much resring from buidlng so many raod and otehr resorce dropp of strage budings in super lagre mazes and big pain of haveing to doing. alot of deimsion if you wan to expanid your clonys after that maze nightmare later.

idea 2: a bus for civlain pop trasfer from one sedlement to the other

idea 3: the combat unit version of bascly idea 2. the dev knows this one allredy! its a apc with a LMG gun. we all have already seen this before in colnoy wars due to the fact we got a very simear pvp combat knid of gameplay in this game to for multplayers for preumum too. so devs you know what im talking aobut. yes just add the apc from colony wars for you infty unit trasportand fro one colony to the other with a LMG.

idea 4: the colony wars sscout rover. its just a basic rover with a mitray camo peant job with a mehinse gun on it.
ment to scout out for any ai or player hostle units and buidlngs before you send in a porper froce

idea 5: a proscpertor drill veacle. its bacly a mni ore fracker drill buding but it can be deployed and will try to drill for and uncovder resorsce depotes out of the gonud. think like the excavoer but you don't have to make massvie holes inh the gound. when depolyed and then told to prespect it will try to find a rescoe deposted. how it work game ppla ywise is knid rng based. ther will be a cahce it would eather not mfind anything or one of the forlying deposts mgiht be fonud. some of the deposets (thsi will be subect to the devs destection) could be for exapmle be ore,gould,ureunium,alen artcafact(prettylow chasce),rethith(high cahnhe on actne ruinplanets and moons/astriolds but veyr low on other planets),cahrcaol(earth like desters, and ocneanic worlds have a much higher chansce while mars ice and otehr hostle plants are much lower),and aluniumium. but the real main meaty specal game micanic is maybe thids vecal will have a fonud underground oil deposit that would be discoverd! when this haapens instead of a resorce derpsot sawpin the megage will popup the preospector dill fonud oil! when thiss happens insead of after prscping undeploying. the prospsctoer dill veacal will stay permtny deployed and it then will become bascly for all a very practal reason becomes a real oil well. this will some what trun the veacle into a oil well buding that would be perment and will make much more oil per tick then a oil sisnthis lab but some planets like deserts and ocens and eath likes will have much higher chacnse haveing this happen. but almost every map tpye other then astrods and moons would bealbe to have this happen, howver in if it rolls a oils well even on a moon or astriodl it would say instaed the propesctor drill fonud a hellium3 udergonud depotist instead and will truing into a oil well but it outputs helium3 instad of oil for comonsence logic here. but both oil and hellum3 or even ether under gonud deposted in the oil well from could all heppen on a ancent ruin planet bescue it a ruin planet you could ifnd all three of them ther bascly.

idea 6: um maybe a bulldoser that can raise and lower the terran more easly so you can fixe the mess your exavator made but when you do that if you sue the xecavor in the same place it wount do any rngs resocse deposit spwans unless it digd much deapr in the same spot then it did lastr time but the chainc of finding some thing would be far lower or just impsobale.
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my colonly one with full mulitcore supprt.

so anyway so the devs are about to update the 2d reding engie. huh okay.
so anyway i was arging with dev aobut eh game issue with ony sueing two cpu corse of multi core cpus prossers.
so any this newe update shuold also add full multcpu core spport so the game can use as many cores on any multcore cpus being eather x86x or apple new arm chips. so bacsly how it works thatgame shold try to dectect on the hardware tis ruing wither if tis a moble devcsie or a laptop of desk top shuls try to conut of how many cores that it descting in guprs of two snece all the x86 and even apple amr chips allready have ther multbe coere always in sets of two

so for exambe i got a i5 inteal prssec that has four cores when the game decteds it inetad of it ptuin hlafh on two cores it jsut splits it to all four cores as evely has pasble! but the real progameing trick here is that all multicore x86 and amr cpus are alleays in sets of two.

so fore very two more cores bascly spltis the work laod by half to each two corse for every towo core decteded from the ahrdwar the game is ruing on. bascly a good exapble is like can veryeasly scal up even to 32+ or more bacly. how it works is bacly evry two core the game dected it destubles half of the work laod evry two cores ln a lernal fashon. also due to the fact bescue all mutli core prossers for both x86 and apple arm chips allrady of they mutlicorse in sets of two ecatly like how thers allewsy sets of two in compteur integer bit maeroy cpu heapsizes. so bascly for every tow more cpus core on a x86 or arm chip isd dected just spkit the work laod by hlaf for every two cores dected on the hardware untill all the cores on the sistem that have ben able to get ther share of the games cpu worklaod so

bascly everytwo cpucores slipt worklaod untill al sets of cpu cores have ther work laod spead to all cores evenly.

also that game allways has two core sppoert just make it precsgly csall up for ervey two more core decetd in a gertated worklaod caltino formla.
1y ago
make gold sithis labs non preuim buding and/or add gold ore mines.

okay i had entogh of how big of a slow slog geting gould for free to play is on my colaony two

so hres the deal in this game the main issue i have is that free to play players have a big issue of not geting good enogth realy to mid game gould income the real reradon is unlike my conly one thers no gold mnies or gold sitheis labs besus the former odesnot exest or the later is locked behind preuim aconut

but if this stays the case thers will be a big isuee that free to play players wont be able to play the game wihout geting so angly from how slow just smeingsrvafe gold deposts and nueing chaorcle gold stithing is to the pont its giong to negtivly efect the overlall long tehrm helth of this games lnog terim playblty

ther onlt three soutons to this make the gold sitehm lab a fre to play buidng, add termoby buidlng gold mnires exactly like the ones in my colny one, or just do both for realy and mid games to b efater at the same time.

this is a high piorty issue bescue if this issue does not chage befoe a large infulx of new players to the my colny sers trying play my cilny two as this issue is not fixed its giong to realy realy make this game have a very bad strgle form how bad this issue is, also i have playtested and yes the free to play gould issue is that game braking
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wolcaom to ashitboys big hot pot of buding ideas.

part 1 the lost tech teir buidngs still left in the game code in limbo.

i hope you game devs can sue thise ideas to help amke my clonony a much more imersive and fun game.

so anyway so theres alot of thoer theing most perole who play my colnoy with even the devs them selfs forgeting there own list of thing to do. one of the main ones is that alot of the my colnoy games alein, teastenden and nanao tech budings to even in the deaths of the ape apps devs mind ahve been lost to time for the less obvervent. but i have mdae a discovery by just prue exctend forom some rescuminu prewew alaonys that theres alot of hiden unfished budings of those tiers still haves some assents still lernnig in lmibo waiting for the dev to fully give them form.

so the fist post will beabout those lost to time buding of those tech unlocks.

so in the games mid to end game rescre theres three main know tier resce catgorys i will be suing the human tree as a baseline for easy to under standinf for beginer fest time plaeyrs that play humans first.

thise three main catrgys of tech buidng goes and follows in tech theirs.

these are alein, trascendant and then nano.

now with that out of the way heres the meaty part hidden in limbo of the games code thers acatly alot of prodctuin resorch bulding for almost very resrocg prodction buidng that actly organl we ment to have acatly suabe tech teir versions of thsoe resorch budings from bandwith to even thing like textiles and oil like most of the ealry to late game raw and mfacture resorc prodcution builng shold have a alein,trasnednt and nano buildng.

good good excample of this is a somhing that just been added my pure chasce is the nano their bandwith server buldn. but how ever somehow the alein and trasendet tech version of the large beaenwith server are sill MIA.

so bascly how this bascly idea is the devs shuold fist looks at all the data fiels of any assest left for very prodction buidng for every resroce and make a alein, trasnedant and anao techier of thsoe buldings

thers alot of them;
oil,cloth,beandwith,recyceling,microchip.. you get the idea like any ealy to mid game raw and manfartuing resoce that are bascly not alein artcafts, alein relcis and anchtin instrcuions, nantes and starships bascly. that are bascly fonud on most planets bascly.

ther are also servasce proveing buldings like for example hosptols,colages,and some toerhs that don't have there evelant of alein trasanend and anaotech for exapmle we got transesdt and anao tech clnics... but not large hostols, alein hospitols,trassendcat hosptols, and nanotech hosptols even if thers still have barly soem of there assets still lergeing in the code, so bascly the main ieda here that ther like 90% of ufnished alein ,trasent and nanao tetch resorce prodction and servasce buidngs still bascly forgoten.

so bascly this ieda is the devs make a chart of all the cruent resorce prodction and servace bduing allready in the game with those budings on the vertcal side and then put the carnet resorce and witch tpye of servcse catrgoy kind of the bduings of tech tier of large,alein trastedant, and nanaotech thats not alein atrtfacts,acent instecuinos,alein relcis,natates,adn starships, in the resoce cartgoy. and not the tpye s ofservace buldings that are clniics, 1x1 edactnol beuings(bascly 4x4 or usviersty sized), or bascly things that already exest in the horzontal top part of the chart.

then make the cart in a grid pattern and wrok on the gaps that aer and arne not in the game and the noes that are not in the game but shuold be evia comaun sense and decation in the next few updates finsh prograing them in there are lot of them (bascly 90% of them) with grathics assests still in the game hident deap in the code.
the ide here is the dev shuold try to add them has the idea here.

so this is what part 1 is devs add still unfiehsed but alleady bascly grathcly ready budlngs of aelin, teasnetd and anao tech that are still aprcaly has gracthcal assest in the game code ready but not yet fully coded on the gameplay and just code the in fully. this is like 90% of the lost tech missing alein treasented and nano tech bduings that wher ment to be in the game but wher forgoten from time to be fully receverd and fished as organly ment for the dev wanted to before otehr real lfie things casued him to forget them.

this is the end of ashtiboys big hot pot of building ideas part 1. sorry if its a bit long but this was a big massvle part of the game baslcy missing that had so much in it i codultn make it any. samlry of a topic.

in part two we try to make acatl new ideas of about new gronud of budibg ideas that are not just unfished game buidlng like new knids of trash rescyeing into otehr resocres liek pwoer or nanates or very new unigue tiwst more otehr games witch concepts will blow your mind.
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