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make gold sithis labs non preuim buding and/or add gold ore mines

make gold sithis labs non preuim buding and/or add gold ore mines.

okay i had entogh of how big of a slow slog geting gould for free to play is on my colaony two

so hres the deal in this game the main issue i have is that free to play players have a big issue of not geting good enogth realy to mid game gould income the real reradon is unlike my conly one thers no gold mnies or gold sitheis labs besus the former odesnot exest or the later is locked behind preuim aconut

but if this stays the case thers will be a big isuee that free to play players wont be able to play the game wihout geting so angly from how slow just smeingsrvafe gold deposts and nueing chaorcle gold stithing is to the pont its giong to negtivly efect the overlall long tehrm helth of this games lnog terim playblty

ther onlt three soutons to this make the gold sitehm lab a fre to play buidng, add termoby buidlng gold mnires exactly like the ones in my colny one, or just do both for realy and mid games to b efater at the same time.

this is a high piorty issue bescue if this issue does not chage befoe a large infulx of new players to the my colny sers trying play my cilny two as this issue is not fixed its giong to realy realy make this game have a very bad strgle form how bad this issue is, also i have playtested and yes the free to play gould issue is that game braking
I might make a lower tier gold production structure for early game that is worse than the gold synthesis lab.

Beyond that though, I do not plan on adding mines or making the gold synth lab free. MC2 has a different business model, because there are no ads in the game.

Beyond that, MC2 premium is a fair price. One time buy unlocks everything. No subscriptions, no microtransactions, and full price is comparable to a cup of coffee at a lot of places.
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