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new veacale ideas for the new adveacede veacale factory

so anyway in my colony two the dves added a new adveaced veacle factory that use an excavor.

but there now can be the rpotacal for even new suefuel vecals from the factory that can be bulit so i got a few new vecale ideas

idea 1: the M.R.M.D. aka the moble raw mertals depo. bascly this veacal is bacly a much smaller moble raw mertals depo that can move when not in depoyd mode. so how it works is when you build it it looks kike knida like a very big clukky simitruck iwh a large gray and organe traler in moble mode. but when you want to get alot of those far away deposits but you dont want to buld alot of lnog roads or lnie of raw mertal depos with road like mazes just to alow thse difent knid of resorcse hervsting rovers to pathfind to them. then this viecal will bacly whn in depoy mode will bacly not only act as a suplly deopt but also a raw nmertals depo drop off ponit with a bit smaller storage just for droping thsoe resorecs off with any raw resorce depsost bascly to the nearst acatly colony resrostoke pile. but the thing here is when deplayd it can't move but allows any near by resorce reover to bascly drop off its resoring into the M.R.M.D.

very handy for long distasce resorce depost mineing wihout wasting so much resring from buidlng so many raod and otehr resorce dropp of strage budings in super lagre mazes and big pain of haveing to doing. alot of deimsion if you wan to expanid your clonys after that maze nightmare later.

idea 2: a bus for civlain pop trasfer from one sedlement to the other

idea 3: the combat unit version of bascly idea 2. the dev knows this one allredy! its a apc with a LMG gun. we all have already seen this before in colnoy wars due to the fact we got a very simear pvp combat knid of gameplay in this game to for multplayers for preumum too. so devs you know what im talking aobut. yes just add the apc from colony wars for you infty unit trasportand fro one colony to the other with a LMG.

idea 4: the colony wars sscout rover. its just a basic rover with a mitray camo peant job with a mehinse gun on it.
ment to scout out for any ai or player hostle units and buidlngs before you send in a porper froce

idea 5: a proscpertor drill veacle. its bacly a mni ore fracker drill buding but it can be deployed and will try to drill for and uncovder resorsce depotes out of the gonud. think like the excavoer but you don't have to make massvie holes inh the gound. when depolyed and then told to prespect it will try to find a rescoe deposted. how it work game ppla ywise is knid rng based. ther will be a cahce it would eather not mfind anything or one of the forlying deposts mgiht be fonud. some of the deposets (thsi will be subect to the devs destection) could be for exapmle be ore,gould,ureunium,alen artcafact(prettylow chasce),rethith(high cahnhe on actne ruinplanets and moons/astriolds but veyr low on other planets),cahrcaol(earth like desters, and ocneanic worlds have a much higher chansce while mars ice and otehr hostle plants are much lower),and aluniumium. but the real main meaty specal game micanic is maybe thids vecal will have a fonud underground oil deposit that would be discoverd! when this haapens instead of a resorce derpsot sawpin the megage will popup the preospector dill fonud oil! when thiss happens insead of after prscping undeploying. the prospsctoer dill veacal will stay permtny deployed and it then will become bascly for all a very practal reason becomes a real oil well. this will some what trun the veacle into a oil well buding that would be perment and will make much more oil per tick then a oil sisnthis lab but some planets like deserts and ocens and eath likes will have much higher chacnse haveing this happen. but almost every map tpye other then astrods and moons would bealbe to have this happen, howver in if it rolls a oils well even on a moon or astriodl it would say instaed the propesctor drill fonud a hellium3 udergonud depotist instead and will truing into a oil well but it outputs helium3 instad of oil for comonsence logic here. but both oil and hellum3 or even ether under gonud deposted in the oil well from could all heppen on a ancent ruin planet bescue it a ruin planet you could ifnd all three of them ther bascly.

idea 6: um maybe a bulldoser that can raise and lower the terran more easly so you can fixe the mess your exavator made but when you do that if you sue the xecavor in the same place it wount do any rngs resocse deposit spwans unless it digd much deapr in the same spot then it did lastr time but the chainc of finding some thing would be far lower or just impsobale.
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