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RikudouSennin said:So, after decoding the save file I noticed that there are these characters at the end:


When I removed them and reencoded the file it worked. It's probably problem with the export.

Based on your comment, I just decided to try the same thing (i didnt know how to do the whole lz-string thing, so i just opened it outright in notepad++)

There was a 2nd line of only 59 characters, I'm guessing it was supposed to be a hash check of some sort that just got cut off. Anyways, deleted that, save worked on windows just fine after. (Same as you, started on Android, moving to windows)
5y ago
cry8wolf9 said:yeah the cloud sync should allow you to play on multiple devices

There's no cloud sync option on the windows desktop version
5y ago
My thoughts exactly. Especially on a newer device like the s9, with plenty of RAM and processor power to spare.

And at most, it My Colony only ever takes up ~300mb of RAM, leaving me with 1.5gb to spare.

Since i don't see other people mentioning this, I'm guessing its probably something specific to Samsung, or more specifically the Samsung implementation of Android Pie.
5y ago
Just as the title says, whenever it comes time to pay colonists, the game will freeze for as long as 2 minutes before resuming like normal. (I've also experienced as long as 3-5ish minutes) The same thing happens when issuing a stimulus package, but the freeze doesn't seem to be as long (as far as I've noticed)

It's gotten worse as my population grows. Probably started at 2,000, and now that I'm just over 9,000 its gotten way worse. Unfortunately i just started playing (again, new account and new game data) so i can't say if its changed with updates.

I've experimented heavily with different performance settings, with little change.

Device: Samsung galaxy s9 (Snapdragon) Android Pie official beta program)
App version: v.0.78.0

Edit: also, as the pay freeze issue has gotten worse, so has colonists not working despite having jobs, being educated, having housing, and having+95% approval.
5y ago
For me personally, fire drill usually works. Sometimes i have to do it twice in a row. The trouble is though, often fired colonists will just go back to the same job they had... But then be angry because everyone was homeless for a minute.

So what i end up having to do is turn off a few power plants, and then pull the fire drill. That usually ends up doing the trick. Also helps to change work policy to light for a few minutes.
5y ago
You'd think someone that healthy would be happy about it
5y ago


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