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Excellent! Glad that is fixed.
@bastecklein Hey, the ape apps launcher has stopped showing anything, regardless of the client you wish to use. I have attached a picture to show you what I mean.

Not sure what happened, but I will do a full reboot to see if it is just my end or what.

That all aside, I have noticed that the export function in the editor no longer wants to work. It can be forced if i try to export it out of fullscreen, then enter fullscreen, try to export again, then exit fullscreen. That is the ONLY way i can get the export dialogue to pop up. It's also something I want to make sure isn't just on my end, and I will let you know how it plays out.

On a bright note, I like what you are adding to the editor. Keep it up, man.

EDIT: I see an update indication, so hopefully it is just that. Once done, I will check everything.
Thanks! Something I'd like to bring up about this process though:

When you update the editor while it is being used on the web client, you can cause users to lose all the data they just put in. Luckily, I can grab the last update from here, but it is definitely something worth noting.
well, I tried a new precompile on the starbase. It sped things up a bit, but now this happens about 30% of the time.....

This would occasionally happen beforehand, but never to this degree.

Problem fixed: I had a resource assigned to the base that no longer exists. Take that away, and it seems to load all the time. And apparently, i had not recompiled the base after fixing the SN11 rotation. Thank you for the reminder. I'll take an hour or two to recompile everything and re-upload them to the game.
Unfortunately, they are already precompiled. It seems to happen only the first time you use the buildings, though. I even hollowed most of the models out, but it doesn't appear to fix it.
The bright side is that it only appears to do it when the starbase is deployed, from what I have seen. I can keep plinking around on it to see what can be done, but I cannot make any promises.
Sure thing. It's now under the Voxel Art Submissions section of the MC2 forums.

The link is here
Here's a mod I have been working on for the past few days! Progress is a little slow, but I regularly update the files as more gets added, so be sure to check back to see what all has changed!

First off, here is the SN11 lander, for those interested in using it. This is the flying bit of it.

And this is the Starbase it becomes once landed.

Here is the object pack, for those interested in just the objects.

And finally, here is the mod itself!

Again, I will regularly update this as I go along, so be sure to keep an eye on this to get the latest bits and bobs! Feedback is also appreciated, so if you find something to be wrong, please let me know!

-Wild foods have been added back to the map as a new resource
-Added Fruit as a new resource
-Added Fruit Truck for harvesting fruit, and to give the pavement a purpose. Built by a distillery.
-Added distillery
-Added Uranium Enrichment Facility
-Added Uranium Harvest Truck
-Added Uranium as a harvestable resource
-UEF now generates Helium in addition to uranium.
-Increased Oil output
-Increased Aluminum output
-Added Sulfur Refinery. Produces sulfur, methane, and propane.
-Added Oil Refinery. Makes oil, propane, and methane.
-Added Atmosphere Separator. Produces Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.
-Added Steelworks. Much better at making steel.
-Starbase can now build SN11 landers. Feature still unavailable to use, however.
-Adjusted Silica Production values.
-Updated World icon
-Adjusted Small House to require lumber
-Added Medium House
-Added Salt Hut
-Added Plasticizer building. Produces plastic, toys and tires.

-wild foods have been removed from the map. It was causing some problems with the drones.
-Food resource is now a utility
-water is now a utility
-drones now fly in correct orientation
-SN11 now flies in the correct orientation
-starbase updated to reflect change to SN11
-Power, Air, Trash, and Red tape (government) are now utilities
-aluminum production adjusted. It is now 50 per tick
-Pavement and crosswalks were added.
-Added Municipal Court for Red Tape
-Added Oil Refinery
-Added Steelworks
-Added Solar Farm
-Updated Log yard to Lumber yard. Now produces wood pulp and lumber.
-Added Sulfur refinery. Produces sulfur, methane, and propane.
-Added Salt Hut
-Added Atmospheric Separator. Produces Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.
-Removed cotton as a resource. It was redundant.
-Removed Cars resource. It is unable to be implemented, and seemed like a cool idea at the time. It was not.
-Removed Aircraft resource. Same reason as the cars resource, though it COULD have been implemented.
-Fixed minor grammatical errors in item descriptions and tidied them up.
-Added Lumber as a used resource for a few old buildings.
-Removed net cap as a resource. It is now a utility.
-Recompiled all models to fix latency. Apparently I had missed a few last time, and it was causing performance issues. This should no longer be a problem. Thank you @bastecklein for the help on that.
-Pavement and crosswalks are now passable, meaning they no longer block off your buildings.
-Fixed a bug with the lumber yard preventing it from generating lumber.
I am regularly updating my post as I progress through making the mod, so keep an eye on it!

The newest update fixes the lander orientation, adds a few new structures, and has had minor adjustments made to resources and utilities in order to take advantage of the new features. The drones are also fixed. They used to fly sideways, and are now flying correctly. The lander and starbase files have also been updated to reflect the changes. Enjoy!
rotate command does not seem to work. In fact, NONE of the keyboard shortcuts seem to work, except the select all and duplicate functions. This holds true for both browser and standalone on pc. A bit of a pity, as I could REALLY use a rotate function.

EDIT: So, it seems I was an idiot. You have to be in the move tool for any of the rotate commands to work. Disregard me.
The utilities feature does not yet function on the PC side, as of version 0.4.0. If you wish to implement them, you will need to use the browser version, over at
Here's a small snapshot of what I am currently working on. It's not complete, but I'll update as I go along.

For those interested, I made a mini version of the SN11 rocket to use as a lander.

I have also included the lander base, which you are welcome to use as a standalone building, or as the lander deployment, as I have done in the above picture.

If you would like to give my settings a shot, the whole mod is right here. All of the rovers fly, and are at max speed, except for the lander itself. You can spawn extra drones if desired.

If you would like the objects used in the mod, here's the object pack for you! A lot of the buildings are currently just repainted, but it does what was needed, and I think it actually doesn't look too bad.
All seems to be working. Thank you for looking into the problem!
Excellent! Glad you got it fixed, man. I will give everything an update, and see how it all goes.

Edited because I cannot english well right now.
I'm using a laptop running windows 10. This issue still persists for me, but it isn't all THAT much of a problem. The editor just doesn't seem to accept ANY images, regardless of format. I have tried transparent and non-transparent PNGs (both with and without interlacing), JPG, JPEG, and GIF. I have tried various resolutions, ranging from 4k to 16x16, and nothing works. I thought it might be a pathing issue, so I tried moving them right to the root of C, but had no luck. I'm just forgoing the use of images for now, and developing the mod until something can be figured out.

I am running the game from the Ape Apps launcher. The launcher is still running while the game runs.
I am using the following software and hardware:

Photoshop CS5.1 (and mspaint when needed)
Voxel Paint
Ape Apps Launcher
My Colony 2 (editor and/or game)
Windows 10 build 20h2
9th generation Intel i5-9300H @2.4 GHz (4 core, 8 thread) CPU (Has intel UHD630 graphics)
32GB system RAM
Nvidia GTX 1660 Max Q w/4GB VRAM
Toshiba 500GB NVMe drive for OS
Toshiba 1TB 5400rpm HDD for extra space
The unit is a laptop
I will continue trying to get it to work, but I am currently out of ideas.
Hey there! I cannot seem to get the editor to load images. Could you let me know what the requirements are for the images, so I can upload the ones I have? It opens the window and everything, but when you select the image, nothing happens.
How about fixing the gifting capacity? It is now permanently locked to 3000, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to assist a colony that doesn't play online mode. The GBT allows this to be bypassed for online play, so why is that not possible for offline as well?
I'm probably not the only one saying this, and I'll admit, i only went through the first 11 of the 47 pages of topics, but I'm finding that this game is most definitely not running optimally. When running the game on any system with more than 4 cores, you may need to set affinity to only 4 cores (using even numbers or odd numbers, but not both) in order to keep the cpu from fighting itself for data. Even then, only one core ever seems to take the full weight of the game's processing. I dont know if it is meant to be that way, but that's just what i am seeing here. Next, it doesnt matter what video card you may have. I have a freaking threadripper with an RTX 2080 in my setup, and even though the card shows almost nil for activity, the game becomes horrendously slow when you have a large, XL, or mega map and you want to view further out. If that map has a bunch of trees? Say hello to 2fps or less. And even then, when running that blazing 2fps, there is very little actually hitting the gpu in terms of load. So, what the heck? Sure, regions works great, but it can still bog down if any of the maps gets overloaded with trees, or even too many buildings.

Now, to clarify a bit, I am not complaining as much as it may sound. I love the game, and i have it on just about every device i use. However, I think the game isn't actually built with multi-threaded world processing. If it is, it either isnt working, or your game's engine is seriously fracked in the oil hole. Please, PLEASE optimize the world threads, and perhaps make the bot pathfinding a little less.... chaotic. I keep trying to build multiple building zones at once, and if there are roads between those zones, the bots like to start down EVERY road for a while before they pull a 180, go up another road, and repeat. That, and the bots continuously try to harvest from places that are blocked from access, despite having several viable areas nearby that they could go to.

All in all, that's about all I have for an opinion on what may need a look at. The game's good, but seems like it isnt optimized. I know it's still in development, which is why i am even posting anything, so chances are good that this may even be on your 'to do' list. I'm just trying to help make this game as good as it can be.


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