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Performance optimization

I'm probably not the only one saying this, and I'll admit, i only went through the first 11 of the 47 pages of topics, but I'm finding that this game is most definitely not running optimally. When running the game on any system with more than 4 cores, you may need to set affinity to only 4 cores (using even numbers or odd numbers, but not both) in order to keep the cpu from fighting itself for data. Even then, only one core ever seems to take the full weight of the game's processing. I dont know if it is meant to be that way, but that's just what i am seeing here. Next, it doesnt matter what video card you may have. I have a freaking threadripper with an RTX 2080 in my setup, and even though the card shows almost nil for activity, the game becomes horrendously slow when you have a large, XL, or mega map and you want to view further out. If that map has a bunch of trees? Say hello to 2fps or less. And even then, when running that blazing 2fps, there is very little actually hitting the gpu in terms of load. So, what the heck? Sure, regions works great, but it can still bog down if any of the maps gets overloaded with trees, or even too many buildings.

Now, to clarify a bit, I am not complaining as much as it may sound. I love the game, and i have it on just about every device i use. However, I think the game isn't actually built with multi-threaded world processing. If it is, it either isnt working, or your game's engine is seriously fracked in the oil hole. Please, PLEASE optimize the world threads, and perhaps make the bot pathfinding a little less.... chaotic. I keep trying to build multiple building zones at once, and if there are roads between those zones, the bots like to start down EVERY road for a while before they pull a 180, go up another road, and repeat. That, and the bots continuously try to harvest from places that are blocked from access, despite having several viable areas nearby that they could go to.

All in all, that's about all I have for an opinion on what may need a look at. The game's good, but seems like it isnt optimized. I know it's still in development, which is why i am even posting anything, so chances are good that this may even be on your 'to do' list. I'm just trying to help make this game as good as it can be.
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