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Haha Well I'm not even close to the part of the game where I would be producing a single Nanite lol. But I agree with you, Instead of the slidey, I'd like to type the number. Grr
2y ago
I'm told, the Nanite that the Galactic Emperor (all hail) sent me fetches quite the coin on the market.

So I'm at the market and I click Nanite, then I click Export. It shows my 4005/5000000 for 587 billion or whatever. I want to keep some, so I use the blue scroll and go half way, and it acts as if I started with the 5000000! But clearly I didn't! The lowest amount I can possibly scroll left to before 0 is 9276, clearly also more than what I have.

Is this a glitch? Who would even *have* that much Nanite?

Pics attached:
2y ago
How do you harvest the oil deposits on Water World?
3y ago
Nope. Policies. Got it. :D
4y ago
How do you do autobudget?
4y ago
Of course!!! I really appreciate your swift attention to the matter.
4y ago
Asus laptop:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz
2.40 GHZ
Installed Ram: 6.00GB

On board graphics card.

Win 10 Home version 1803
4y ago
Thanks for reply. Windows 10.
4y ago
Follow up. It literally just happened again. I turned on "auto save" and was like "la de da" and then I had to do payroll, and i said i'd pay, cuz i'm not a douchebag. And it closed MC again. Not even joking.

One thing I did notice was, oddly, the border around the window to pay the taxes and the payroll was slightly thicker. Not sure if that has ANYTHING to do with it. But that's 3 times in one night. And until it's figured out, I'm not sure i want to play :(
4y ago
Getting frustrated. I have a new colony, and twice tonight I made a ton of buildings and spammed landing pads, and got a huge bump in pop.

First time MC closed itself was when I was in Engine Settings to turn on the render distance thing. I lost 500 pop.

Second time, MC closed when i was attempting to pay my CW taxes. Lost even more pop.

Is there something about those little pop-up windows?

Also, what "save" settings do people use? After the autumn when my files kept getting corrupted from "auto save," I turned that off and only back up to my HD when I remember (not often, admittedly). Any advice?
4y ago
Hey, Mister Steel, why don't you give it a try? We have lots of active members and a very friendly community. You can even join a common wealth and get assistance :) DO you already have a colony?

Here's the invite link.

4y ago
Yeah, i concur with this... i made the mistake of building with tons of solar road. rovers are super slow, and the pay off with the power isn't there.
4y ago
The line graphs in statistics don't have any values on the x and y axes, so it's difficult to correlate certain events with their consequences. Is that something that can be done? I assume the x axis is time, and the y axis is amount of whatever the graph is plotting... but it would be more useful, I feel, if those values were described.
4y ago
Did you happen to reset engine settings with the .78 update?
4y ago
I also had the "trash depleted" notification when I had a lot of trash, that was yesterday. Today they seem to be back to working, and my trash is actually depleted.
4y ago
Can the buildings available be sorted in some kind of intuitive order? And if they already are, I'm missing it! Also, the drop down menu for the type of buildings, can those options be alphabetized?
4y ago
I find this happens, too, but it's not a big deal. Kinda wish there were more than the 8 songs, too!
4y ago
I got a notification that you denounced my brand new colony Minerva! Am I kiicked out?
4y ago
Saving to my pc keeps crashing. I'm lucky if i remember to save to my HD in time. what changed since the last update? I have a small colonly.. 500. Saving on PC and using Game Data to save to my own HD but can't catch it on time. Please fix this.
4y ago
bastecklein said:
Tantepoes03 said:Okay, @bastecklein i made a new colony yesterday and i growth it to 250 people or something and it was automatically saving, but it just didn't do anyting it keep saying: Saving. So i closed My Colony and restarted it and it says Safe file corrupted again, so the cause is probably that the automatically saving sometimes freezes.

is this on iPhone by chance?

This happened to me just now with 3,500 population on my PC.
4y ago


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