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Can't export small amount of nanite

I'm told, the Nanite that the Galactic Emperor (all hail) sent me fetches quite the coin on the market.

So I'm at the market and I click Nanite, then I click Export. It shows my 4005/5000000 for 587 billion or whatever. I want to keep some, so I use the blue scroll and go half way, and it acts as if I started with the 5000000! But clearly I didn't! The lowest amount I can possibly scroll left to before 0 is 9276, clearly also more than what I have.

Is this a glitch? Who would even *have* that much Nanite?

Pics attached:
Yea, this is a common bug I have too, and when I'm exporting ships. I think instead of a slider there should be a number box we can type for the amount. (Also many people have more than that amount of nanitesšŸ¤£)
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Haha Well I'm not even close to the part of the game where I would be producing a single Nanite lol. But I agree with you, Instead of the slidey, I'd like to type the number. Grr

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