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Gamepad Controls Reference

My Land has full support for gamepad controls and play on TV devices. The basic controls are visible on-screen, but here is a full reference for all controls that are supported.

My Land Gamepad Controls Reference

Is the primary button, similar to 'click' or 'tap.' On a remote control without an 'A' button, the [CENTER] button maps to 'A'
Toggle between build mode and pointer/collect mode
Cycle to next build tool
Cycle to previous build tool
Open the primary game menu
Quick-save the game
Display the "Attraction" dialog
Display the "Land Value" dialog
Right Thumbstick [UP]
Zoom in
Right Thumbstick [DOWN]
Zoom out
Left Thumbstick and DPad
Move cursor

For further instruction, here is a video demo of playing My Land using a gamepad.

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