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Galactic Board of Trade not working

#1 2017-09-11 16:12:42
I noticed that since yesterday the Galactic Board of Trade just offers '' Make center '' when I click on it.

However it was working yesterday, with the introduction of crystalline in the market (and some crazily high offers).

Is anyone else having this issue?
#2 2017-09-11 19:39:05
Make sure your colony is in "online" mode. This can be found under the statistics menu at the bottom of the overview page.
#3 2017-09-11 22:07:18
Yep I'm definitely offline, but the statistics menu itself has changed (I just realised) with no more like to my colonial website, and more annoying no more button to switch back to online mode
#4 2017-09-11 22:09:26
Up : I just checked (I had a copy of a subcolony charter) and my colonial website itself has disappeared
#5 2017-09-12 00:28:32
If you no longer seeing the option to put your colony into "online" or "offline" mode then your colony has most likely been banned from the server. If this is the case then you can continue to play the colony, but it will be in offline mode only.
Edited by Patchdaddy on 2017-09-12 00:29:04
#6 2017-09-12 10:42:46
All right thanks for the answer
#7 2017-09-12 10:43:57
That would just have been nice to know why
#8 2017-09-12 11:48:59
The most likely reason is a bug. There have been some reports of taxing citizens causing a colony to be banned from the server under certain conditions. It sucks to have a colony you've put a lot of work into banned from the server, but at least you can still play it in offline mode. The game is in beta so you play it at your own risk.
#9 2017-09-12 15:37:26
I guess you're right :)
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