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Best Building to Increase Population?

As Topic says.
Whats the best building to Increase my Population?
Is there any table of it compared like ppl/min or so

To provide a rapid source of new colonists simply build landing pads by the dozen. They are cheap and use little power.

I didnt find while searching, but maybe i can ask here:

I forgot my phone unlocked at evening (and while charging, it didnt turn of), then ingame some trouble happend and though the power went out in my colony, over night all people died.

Now, i have no colonists left. And there is noone immigrating on my landing pads.

Is there a way to get new colonists to my ghost town?
it happens. I've been in that situation and as long as there was power and pads they would come back. you need to prioritise water and food or they'll quickly die.
Yeah. I started a building, then i fell asleep and i didnt have enough power. :-/

Now power is ok, but all are dead and the pads dont do anything. :-(
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