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can not load or start new online games - Page 3

#21 2018-03-28 11:35:11
sorry if this causes any stress but this has also plagued me.
at this time i think i've lost 4 colonies to this issue. :/

this time started a new one with this charter code

if i lose it'll edit this comment and let you know.
it might be triggered by some sort of building so i'll keep saving and reloading with each building until it triggers and see if i can't isolate the issue.
#22 2018-09-03 14:19:09
bastecklein said:Sounds like the server auto-banned your IP for some reason or another. I will investigate.

this happened to me as well. I can't start online game as well. What should I do?
#23 2018-10-06 07:16:54
This happened to me 8 times, and follows the "workers refuse to get a job" not explained by distance, colonists being unhappy, colonists being too rich to care for jobs(which I honestly think makes half the player quits because it has no warning message), or fire drills.

Once this sets in for long enough, the colony loses contact, the game cannot update from the windows green "click here to update" button, the web version is stuck at "loading" before I even login even with all firefox addons disabled or deinstalled fully, online colonies in the windows version can't save or can't load (either way they're dead and have never revived), and changing an account and rebuilding from scratch doesn't help unless you also change your real life ISP, which would change the IP.

I suspect some sort of auto-ban runs super-predictably often when trying to save the colony from the colonists refuse to go to work problem --- which may force some players to:

-Reload from backup, looking like a cheater for it?

-Complain a hell of a lot, causing a not-so-automatic ban?

-Make odd trades (selling high materials in large quantities because they're selling buildings colonists refuse to work in)?

-Making uneven trade as a friend is offering super cheap help to save the colony from the workers refuse to go to jobs problem?

-Have large colonies which may trigger not so much as an IP ban but more of a file size / bandwidth triggered stuck state (with the game trying to contact the server with enormous file every fraction of second because the server always refuses them), which triggers the IP ban proper?

In any case if the problem is hard to figure out, YOU NEED TO HAVE ANALYTICS TO KNOW WHAT TENDS TO HAPPEN BEFORE THIS PROBLEM TRIGGERS because re-building a colony to maturity from scratch 8 times, only to have the last time result in an IP ban, tends to aggravate people into quitting a game they otherwise would have loved.

P.S.: I am not going premium for regions until they have proven to be free of both late-game-destroying bugs:

1- the IP autobans(?) or server won't connect no matter what which affected me, my cousins, 3 friends, and basically everyone I know in real life. Considering quitting a year doesn't fix it, maybe it's more of a "game can't contact server for some other reason" problem.

2- the worker won't work even if I raze everything but some solar panels, a single houses, an entertainment facility that doesn't require colonists working it, and some simple jobs matching the number of colonists present, storage full of 10 million food and water, and wait real life 2 days for the colonists to find the job next to their house!! (starting with educated, healthy colonists, happy with 50 cash each with no-IQ-required jobs and solid government approval)

The solution to untrackable bugs is analytics, analytics, analytics!
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#24 2018-10-16 20:18:02
same things, I lose my big colony and I'm glad I'm not the only one, hope devs find a way because there is no way that I am restarting from the very beginning, I mean, this game is great but god, this is taking so long to progress
#25 2018-11-09 05:52:51
Having the same issue unable to start a new colony online off line no issues lfIChAZI is my colony code
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