Hey all.
Here's the basics. I have a laptop at work and my PC at home... Also a tablet in between.
I left my laptop at work (hibernated) and loaded My Colony up at home over facebook.
After that, I played all night (WHEEEE!) and saved the game.
This morning, I loaded the game up on my tablet and had a bit of a play... sadly, it doesn't work so well on there. Oh well.
I load my laptop back up (In my lunch-break of course) only to find it was three thousand colonists behind, a lot of research and a whole load of work behind...
I closed it down, loaded up on the tablet. 9,000+ colonists. Yep, that's right. Exported the save and emailed it to myself to load it on my laptop.
I load the game, load the file...
It's the old version...
I load the tablet back up, load my world and... it's the old one!

NEW save: over 9,000 colonists, a lot of expensive upgrades done and some really tough economics juggled haha.
OLD save, just over 6,000 colonists, not done the expensive research, still got the old, out-dated buildings and not done the awesome upgrades :(

I want the new save back but don't know how. Is there anywhere local it's saved? Can I reload a backup?

I am pretty sure when I closed the laptop, it saved over the new save. Then the old one updates over the new saves!
I know the damage is done... but I'm not going to play until I can find out if there's any way to get those hours back :'(