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A way to keep the game fresh without adding content .

Antiquitas is coming along nicly and at this time game issues are minim .
Thing is all the games that just keep getting more players all do updates alot sometimes twice a month .

Problem is that will not work for this game .
BUT there is another way ONE of the biggest most poplar clickers does .
What they do 2 times a month is add JUST one new clicker world- the world runs for 4 days During that time you can get extra gold and mega bucks added to general funds .

That keeps people coming back wile keeping the game size and play the same .
With this game use something simple that takes minim programming to put in as a temp thing .
Sunday is easter so something easter themed then once easter is over remove it .Or what every Holiday or theme you like . A special building or special trees that get removed .
As long as the buildngs or trees just add resources already in game it could work .
You see how every one gets when updates come out that will stay just the same without increasing the code every update .

Maybe like a alien crashed ship shows up and you can take it apart ( aka Mine it untill going )
then take that code back out after a time .

ONE of the other big builder games does exactly THIS . every holiday they add a theme and then take it out .
That keeps the game fresh without the need to keep adding more code .
It could give teh agme new life think out side the box ( heck your good at that anyway .)
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