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0.6 ppl not Working + Freezing Game + a few other things^^

so I downloaded the Patch today seperatly (bc the click to install thing didnt worked)

First my New Colony was freezing pretty fast
than I stopped all Vehicles and set them to build again, ->it seemed to work, but than i found that all my Buildings are set but noone is working in them

Win 7 x64

My other big Colony i was unable to play because the game didnt saved on the .exe one i swiched to Chrome what seemed to work, but i cant backup it. now getting this error: (Sry german)
Diese Website ist nicht erreichbar
Die Webseite unter blob: ist möglicherweise vorübergehend nicht verfügbar oder wurde dauerhaft an eine neue Webadresse verschoben.
->short form page isnt available

Colony names: New Eden and Mos Iceley

Also When game is not Saving or Freezing what I Build is gone but the resources i Send to this Colony or the resources to build this buildings are gone too
My Colony

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