I have a suggestion for My Colony such as a possible sollution to reduce "commute length" or the consequences othere of. As your colony gets bigger and you like to have buildings such as residential with other residential type buildings such as I. The length in between housing and the buildings providing jobs for your population continues to expand. To combat excessive commute lengths(which I assume has to do with fatigue) a present a possible taxi station building. This building would allow you to build taxies. Taxies reduce commute length by a 4:1 ratio allowing possible citizen transport that helps reduce possible fatigue. How I imagine it working is a Taxi station builds a taxi and for every taxi a job is provided to the station. Thus workers must come to the station of course to work the taxis and the working taxis seek out citizens walking their commute length to drive them to their destination. As the taxis do this the taxi station produces coin as 1 job is already provided as a default job count even without taxis. This could also pave a way for a new "Transportation" catagory even possibly adding resource transports(including or excluding Resource Harvesters) allowing another great factor to the game increasing its enjoyability. I thank you for your time and possible consideration of this Idea.😀