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My Colony when compared to The top building games .

I have already said to Bast this game is even better then simcity 3000 and no other building app comes close .

Really the only better game at this point is simcity 4 AKA sim city rush hour - aka simcity deluxe
But Ill would have Bast to know one neat thing he (( DID NOT )) miss program which simcity 4 DID and if not for us modders would have never been fixed .

See one of the many things my colony has that up to simcity 4 - not even any simcity game had was a travel scale .
What this means is the distance my colonists must go to get to ware ever they are going .
Now I know simcity 4 travel scale And that was Its HUGE miss-program see simcity has to main views CITY view and region View thing was they are DIFFERENT scales and the city view went by region view scales .

My colony scale is apx 5 - 6 miles from one side to the other on a extra large map going by what would work out to real world distances . Take say 5 advanced refinery's side by side two deep to a real world block you get about how many walking feet and knowing map size you get apx how many walking miles .

Anyway from center out no walking distance is father then 3 miles apx about 25 mints if they power walk .
The neat thing is Bast scale is correct when factoring in how far ( lazy My conisist are to walk to work and not be pissed over it . )
Ps i never use the walking scale as by disabling the colonists view they no longer care about walking distance .

Now back to simcity 4 the region view scale = well for a normal game made region ooo 1000 miles
problem was city scale for a mid sized region was about 6 miles ( build a city see how many blocks you end up with thing . Did it a 1000 times lol .
problem with region view scale in city was it treated the city like it was 150 - 200 miles across so sims would not travel more then a block to work ( and they have cars lolololol )

Anyway Us modders fixed this issue by reprogramming the travel speed so cars -- trains - buses - subways all went faster . How fast ? lol well it works out to around 900 MPH . See we wanted the sims to be able to travel through a whole region and remember that is around 1000 miles .

The scale was still off but the sims no longer cared . And you know it accutly worked I put a job on one side of a region and had a sim drive to it from the other side of the region .
Lots of going into citys then leaving so each city knew the sims was coming through .
Anyway just a cool MY colony - simcity 4 fact - Bast did do better then even that game alest in one programming area .

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My Colony

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