Hello everyone, I've tryed to renamy my colonists into Cyrillic names on Russian Language, and the "game" "show" this names (like Привет), but after, I cant save the game, and cant load this game, because "the save file is corrupted".

I've make another colony, and make backup, after that I rename my colonists, make a new save and off cause "save is corrupted".

I've tryed back it up from backup, but "clean backup, without cyrillic" still dont work, and I think, If I rename my colonists to "other lang", this info writing to .mcb file, and making errors besides have I this backup or not :)

PS I've tryed to make Capital, and rename one of the person to "Vladimir Putin" for "kill" him after )) this is funny, because Volodya is my "girl" ;)