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EP3: The Lunar World

2017-01-10 22:54:43
In Part 1 of the discussion on the 0.22.0 update, Brandon and members of the community discuss the new Lunar World map and some of the other new features to the game.
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Show Notes

My Colony v0.22.0 has just come out, and the update is huge, including over 25 new buildings, new techs, new vehicles, and new map types! You can see a full list of all of the new features here:

Since the update was larger than normal, the 0.22.0 update podcast is being split up into two parts (Also because the last episode was an hour long, which is crazy). Today's episode focuses on the new Lunar World map, as well as some of the more general improvements to the engine.

In a couple days there will be a followup episode featuring the new Forest World map, which is a lot larger and there is a lot more to talk about on that one. As always, we will be discussing things on the official My Colony discord channel, which you can find here:


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