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EP4: Forest World and Upcoming Features

2017-01-12 22:57:02
Picking up where the last episode ended, Brandon and members of the community talk about the new Forest Map, as well as a few features coming in the 0.23.0 update, and a sneak peek and the new upcoming Tourism features.
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Show Notes

This episode is both a part two to the previous episode (The Lunar World: ), as well as the update episode for the upcoming 0.23.0 update to My Colony, which is a somewhat minor release.

Full release notes for the Forest World update can be found here:

After discussing the new Forest Map, discussion turns to the yet-to-be-released v0.23.0 update, which includes mainly bug fixes, usability improvements, and new policies that can be set from the Capitol or the Consulate buildings.

Finally, we offer a preview of a upcoming new feature involving Tourism. See the primary thread about tourism here:

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Thanks for listening!