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Categories and Servants

Due to playing My Colony, I've noticed that some of the categories in that game could be used here in Antiquitas as well:

Storage - Horreus' and Silo and other storage here
Roads - There are quite a few roads and it could use its own category, preferably not duplicated in Decorations.

Re Servants: I saw this suggested for vehicles/bugs in My Colony and wanted to also suggest this for the Servants here. Could we have a count of how many like we do buildings on the build menu?
This would be so helpful @misteddawn! I would like to see this in both games.
Dylan Carter
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You can see how many servants you have by clicking on a single servant, and then clicking "Stastistics"
@Acu - We are well aware of that, what we are looking for is a count on the list in the build menu like it does for buildings so we don't have to go that.
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