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Reasons my colonists don't work ?

If feels like I've tried everything.

LIS colony, human, independence declared. Asteroid world. 15M atmo.

When I click on a building (condensers are a big problem for me) it shows 4 workers, but none working. I click on details they all show off duty and 70-85 % energy. WHY !?!?

More confusing is that if I go to the colonist, it says they are working. So they are present at work, yet not producing anything.


I feel like all the things I've tried have just made it worse. Reducing the work load just made me run out of food, which made people angrier and work less, etc.

Tried fire drill and the commute times are great. I put a lot of thought into planning commutes.

Tried basic income but bankrupted myself quick (because no one working).

Now can't pay wages and it's out of control :(

Feels like it makes no sense.
Well yeah, the buildings don't produce anything, but the reptiles got a bugsaw and now there's music to listen to while your colony slowly dies. So there's that I guess. Also, the game is almost ready for the buildings not to produce anything on steam also!
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