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Lunacy colony not loading charter code: m5mWj4AH needs database repairs

#1 2018-09-02 15:39:11
Hi, just posted that my colony stopped loading - it's named Lunacy, chater code is: m5mWj4AH. Tried upgrading to premium membership but it still is not loading.. says Restore Data... and just sits on that message

I'm hoping someone know what to do or can run a database repair ont it or something.. I'df really like not to lose that colony I spent hours on it..

thanks in advance for any support
#2 2018-09-04 02:20:17
Also, just add more info, being new to the game i didnt realize you can save colony files, so I have no real workable restore file, when I try the restore file i made, the screen just freezes on Restoring database.. hopefully theres a cure. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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