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Cannot play

#1 2018-10-01 22:38:05
Screen says:

Build version number (clicking have no effect)

Greed (player and/or colony name) clicking leads to eternal sync wait with no proper error message (error message should have shown after a while)

New colony (clicking brings menu, I can't start online games, I don't want an offline game)

Load colony ("there are no saved games")

Workarounds attempted:

1- logout-reboot-restart game-login.

2-Create new account. Same results as before.

3- After manual backup (of colony lost to the workers can't go into buldings to work, fire drills/education no help), delete all old savegames(there were 4 savegames, I suspected together they take too much space and the game stalls WITHOUT A PROPER ERROR MESSAGE). Same results as before.

4- Create an offline game (which I am not interested in), make it online. Save. Exit. The colony will not load again (load bar stuck at "doing cleanup").

I am using the freshly reinstalled win64 version under windows 8.1 with a fast computer. I was highly aggravated by the installer putting "facebook gameroom" without permission on my PC, but I have not removed it in case it was necessary for the game to work (do tell if I can remove it, as it's actively sending packets to even with my colony closed and facebook gameroom never clicked, and I pay per data with my ISP so it's a pain).

IMPORTANT: once the bug is fixed, have a proper error message for when it doesn't work so players don't lose their time trying things for an hour or two (or try the wrong thing) when the game could have notified them "the server is down, please try later" or some other useful error message.
Edited by relaxrelax2 on 2018-10-01 23:44:44
#2 2018-10-03 14:52:38
Ape App games do NOT in any way connect to facebook anymore and it should NOT have installed the Gameroom app. It can most definitely be safely removed from your computer.
#3 2018-10-03 17:09:15
I have removed it, because it's a pain, and REALLY should be removed from the installer.
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