Hello! Welcome to the page for the Commonwealth of Tatooine.
Star Wars names are preferred but not necessary.
Chater code: KE5I6FwS

I only offer 100℅ payroll which I know is low to compared to some commonwealths, but that's because I think having everything given to you takes away some of the fun. That being said, I do offer a starter package after you have replied to my message ingame.
I lost access to my base for awhile but I now am able to play everyday and I am expanding rapidly.

As of right now, the Commonwealth of Tatooine's primary goal is to grow our GDP and population, in addition to the RRR index. I would like to help you get started quickly, and be able to advance to the point where you are self-sufficient and to help you declare independence.

We have been a member of the First Future Federation since 04/17. Send me a message ingame or on the forums to receive an invite link to the discord channel.