I had to go into my account to manually kill old sessions, and it has allowed me ability to go online apparently.

I still can't make the game update, clicking on the update green button in the windows version will do nothing, double clicking it will resize the window which never helps (the upgrade button may be displayed over the title bar, but the clickzone of the titlebar may still have priority and somehow confuse a title bar click for a resize window icon click)

I also can't trade since no one is selling anything, for some reason, and if I need to join a commonwealth to trade or something the game should most definitely tell me that but it doesn't.

Still a problem:
https://apps.ape-apps.com/my-colony/ doesn't have images, and have no link to where I can play my colony in the browser; and since it doesn't have that, I forgot where my colony can be played in the browser and can't check if killing the session made me able to login into the web version again (which before killing sessions, was stuck at 'loading')