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Education bug

So I've been playing a while. Started a new game started to get to Mid game almost late game setup. All of a sudden my colony started complaining about education. So I created schools middle schools high schools internet relays everything important about that all around my residential housing. Thought it fixed it. It absolutely collapsed my entire colony. I just started a new game figuring I just try and do it smarter I'm already 3 hours in and education is the biggest drag on everything I'm doing. 240 colonist two small elementary schools 6 Internet relay Booth's and educated is a 97% concern???????
It's like the colonists are teenagers and they just don't want to go to school but they're complaining about it!!
i would build a few more elementary schools and give it some time.
I had a 98% happiness in colony with some issues around fatigue and depression. :/
i built larger housing and removed older builds then opened my borders for 200 new colonists.
sudden approval does a dead drop to 4% and 98% of people are pissed about education and the average IQ took a sharp drop. giving 400 dollars to all colonists brought it up to 40% then right down to 10%.....
the teachers that should be teaching are on strike about not having education. :((((
edit: well there goes around 1000 colonists.
alot of them went back to the elementary schools.
i wonder if somehow changing housing or new colonists resets their IQ.
etherway its quite....a plague.
So to give a quick update. I've pushed on with this current game. I have about 35,000 colonists, and I have solved my educational hatred, by building almost 400 landing pads. This has resulted in my total immigration number of 633,478 colonists. With a total emigration at 588,171. Currently have 17 elementary schools, 14 high schools, 11 community colleges. Every one of those schools are positioned around my Residential Buildings. What am I doing wrong? This is literally the first game I've ever had this problem with! When I logged off last night I was at 87% approval when I logged in today I was at 27% approval with a 99% disapproval of Education.
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