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Please help!

#1 2018-11-15 06:28:30
so I was in the middle of playing and the game froze a bit like always when saving, nothing major just 30 seconds max of it being frozen. But during the middle of an autosave my stupid pc decided to blue screen on me and now my save file is corrupt sadly, I can't figure out anyway to restore my game files myself and worse of all I can't find the game files anywhere on my pc even though I installed it twice, through blue stacks (mobile version) and through microsoft store. I am using the microsoft store version and I can't fix it. If there is anything you can do that would be great, I wouldn't mind taking a few hours of playing the game if you can restore a server back up as the game does sync with your servers
#2 2018-11-17 03:51:05
Bro i think that youre just gonna have to accept that its... Gone
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