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Can't connect to online saves

Okay so when I try to connect to an online save I get a message telling me I need to connect to the internet. I was on discord at the time so I had to be connected, I've tried to load 3 different saves on steam and the web version and I am unable to connect to any of the saves. When I try to make a new online colony when I click 'Online Mode' the window disappears and says nothing. I can load and make new offline colonies perfectly fine, others can connect to their colonies on the web version (not been able to get anyone to test if other colonies work on steam/ones made on steam work) All colonies I tried were made in steam, the first was made in 0.75, the second 0.76, the third made in 0.78. I'm trying in 0.78, they are all regions. Here is the exact message I get:
Few hours later it's working again, not sure what happened
It does the same thing to me. Can someone help ?
Me to
My Colony

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