This all started on my iPad (iOS) directly after I placed down some sort of building to create obsidian for the first time. I had all the resources required but I saw it never got built, so I tried to look at its info and it just popped up info for something else I forget. After that, I tried saving and it just infinitely said "Cleaning Data" and although it said not to quit the game, I did because it was the only way out of it. After doing so, my world still loads up just fine and everything works ok except for the fact that I can't place anything, save, and there are no materials listed. It just shows the icon for every single material in the game, some I haven't gotten yet, and if I try saving it does the infinite Cleaning Data again. Help would be much appreciated, I have no backups like a fool and this is a very old save from May.

This image is a capture from PC, I tried transferring the save to see if that would work and although I can see my resources now, it still will not save.