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Twilight World

I've mentioned this one before in the ideas forum but I didn't see this forum. The main idea is to create a world that is in a perpetual state of twilight, which could be achieved by using the same methods that the night feature uses, except not as dark, but also not bright enough to consider as day time. The inspiration for this was the Protoss planet Shakuras from the Starcraft series, which is a desert planet with an eternal sunset.

Some of the key points that I mentioned in my previous post were the effects of twilight sickness on colonists, the additional gameplay elements needed to account for twilight sickness, and the creation of a new, slow growing variant of sugarcane, called shadowstalks. You can check it out here:

I originally wanted the abandoned world to become a twilight world, and I also thought that the slow-growing shadowstalks would kill two birds with one stone by prevention an overgrowth. Gameplay for the abandoned world would be the same as it is now, just with much better aesthetics and a much mystic theme.

I also think that those abandoned structures should be more than just tourist attractions, they should have a specific function that pertains to the needs of that particular planet, and restoring them to working order should take a lot of time, research, and resources.

Here are some additional ideas that I've thought of regarding this map:

Shadowstalks could be harvested by crude bots due to the fact that their resinous sap can be refined into oil. This would make them the first resource node to provide different resources depending on which vehicle harvests it.

Stalk farms: These would be a mid-game thing and would provide moderate amounts of sugar and minimal amounts of oil. This would give LIS an advantage in the oil industry as they would have a structure that produces it directly from water instead of pulling from a chain of resources like UE does.

Non-tradable resource: Antidote. This is a later game resource that can be synthesized from shadowstalk venom. Shadowstalks, being in the desert, are like cacti, and they even have spines like cacti, but are slightly faster growing. They've adapted to use the planet's worst features to defend themselves. This means that a sting from a shadowstalk spine will cause or worsen twilight sickness but further confusing internal clocks. However, I don't won't that to be a gameplay feature, what I think antidotes should be used for is reversing twilight sickness. This resource would be used as a simple way to prevent twilight sickness end-game.

Let me know what you think of these ideas and I'll continue to update them when I get more.
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