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offline mode

good evening I just discovered the 0.45.0 and I was wondering if I play offline mode I would not have access to the galactic trade?
No you won't. Also if you are independant colonies under you will be declared independant
and could I import and export resources via sales buildings?
builderbot said:and could I import and export resources via sales buildings?

Yes. You can still import and export goods via the mass driver, freight elevator, etc. You will not however, have access to the Galactic Board of Trade.
OK so it's going to be a little harder and to be independent I follow it since the beginning of part where I have to spend 250,000 civics as the online mode
Yes. The game in offline mode is the same as online mode, but you won't have access to trade with other players. In offline mode you can't have sub-colonies.
of sub-colony is to say?
In the online mode of the game, once you've achieved independence, you can create or have other players create sub-colonies under your independent colony. This is called a commonwealth. In offline mode, you cannot do this.
agree and offline to be independent I have to spend 250,000 civics?
Yes, as long as you keep your taxes to the mother colony paid.
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