Im Freedmoon the owner of the colony of Freedmoon origin,i got alot of experience on MC and advice to help you to get started. I have a dream, that dream is to revive the commonwealth of my own cw leader who stopped playing the commonwealth was called Afluna. To honor him, i will help any player who desire with all of my knowledge and ressource while keeping a good mood inside the commonwealth. To join my Commonwealth you can use the charter AN4Jca2c in the "custom charter code" while creating an online colony i look forward to see new player or player with more experience join my commonwealth in the future! thank you for reading this

PS: Im also a consul of FFF so for the one interrested or simply curious of what is the FFF, its a discord server made by My Colony player for My Colony player where we all have fun while helping member in need (for example if im not here to give advice you can still ask the other member there they will be glad to help you. to join FFF you can use this link :