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Print to an old Dot Matrix Printer from Windows, iOS, or Android

#1 2019-03-02 17:51:23
For several months, the Ape Apps Launcher for Windows has contained a setting called RAW/Text printing, which I have never bothered to explain to anybody. Today I have put together a video demonstration about what it is and how it works.

Basically, the RAW/Text printer option of the Ape Apps Launcher allows you to print to old (or new) impact or dot matrix type printers. It should also work for point of sale or receipt printers as well. Using the additional Resource Sharing option on the launcher, you can also print to these printers over WiFi using an Android or iOS device. It's just another neat little feature available in the launcher. Check out the above video for a full demonstration.

Owner of Ape Apps
#2 2019-05-31 06:07:09
Nice one...Thank you for sharing..Keep sharing