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QOL and control improvements

So I've just built triantanium refineries on my first colony and noticed they can be placed in a similar fashion to 1x1 buildings (autoplace between two clicks in a straight line). The game can get incredibly tedious when placing or replacing a large number of buildings and I can't work out why such a vital feature is only available in one building? If everything except decorative buildings could do this, it'd really improve my playing experience.

In a similar vein there needs to be a method of selecting and selling/destroying all of a building type at once. A destroy all button with a couple of confirmation boxes would do the trick, but ideally some kind of dragbox to target specific areas of the colony for *renovation* is in order.

Exporting/importing goods can get a little ridiculous. Import/export buildings of the same type should link together to increase capacity, or some kind of automated export options should be available (can consume resources and throughput depends on number of buildings. Making exports boring and tedious isn't a good way to balance them- higher tier structures can still be better by being more space efficient, dealing in more resources or having a lower transaction fee/resource cost to import and export goods.

Also: I've accidentally done what looks like a drag click a few times (I see a green box), and somehow got all the vehicles in my colony to go and park in one spot as well. A quick in-game manual explaining the controls would be great because I still have no idea how this happens.

I'd say these are the issues that jumped out at me the most when playing the game; it really ruins the experience when most of my time is spent on repetitive clicking instead of actually planning My Colony.

The import/export stuff is also possible through some special buildings. The Galactic Board of Trade and the Space Elevator are two of them. Those have the ability to get any item either import/export or actual trading if you play online.

The green box, is when you click and hold it, then drag it to select multiple vehicles. When you click on them, you have a box that pops up and you can select park. There is also a keybind 'p' for that as well, so you may have hit that to park them. Keybinds can be looked up under the Engine Settings menu so you can take a look at them.
Is there a way to export bigger quantities at once or automatic/periodic as GrApple suggests.

On mobile I have to scroll down for gold and when I want to sell a lot it takes some tedious time.

If you click for a long time all units will be selected
My Colony

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