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How do you get more students for your schools so I can get my colonies IQ up?
That is a rather hard question. I don´t think you should bother with IQ, unless you are lategame. (Because in the End game there are buildings which requires people with certin amounts of IQ)
Basically as long as you supplie your people with enough schools they should be fine and if needed get educated to get a job.
But to answer your question, I don´t think there is a way to get more studens, students are nothing else than people who are not working for the moment.
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ok thanks
acutly here is the trick to it .
once you are at a built up state deactivate a few buildings then empty them of employs .
like so say you have 2000 colonists shut down 200 jobs about half will then goto schools .wate a hour then shut down schools and reactivate jobs and wala IQ JUMPS big time
ok thanks
How do I get people to enroll?
they will go if you follow what i said any colonists not employed will find a school bast made the game work that way .
BUT most start in elemerty school so be sure you have thouse
My colonists are always protesting about not being educated. I have a lot of schools (all levels of education) How can I stop this?
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