I've just updated the Epic Adventure beta to v0.5.0 which should be hitting all platforms soon. This release adds new capabilities to the engine, which should lead to further expansion of the games content in the coming releases. Firstly, the engine now supports random drops when breaking a terrain object. For instance, now when you chop down trees, Apples have a chance of falling.

In addition, there are now random cave formations. Caves appear randomly on maps as a hole in the ground, and if you stand on one and then click on your character, you will descend down into the cave.

This is important because it now allows the "z" dimension to the world. In theory, subterranean levels can extend down infinitely. As of now, the only subterranean biome type is the cave that is totally filled with stone which you can hollow out, but now that the capability is there, more stuff will be on the way. I am thinking dungeons, underground lakes, underground lava (when you get deeper in levels), etc.

To go along with the new engine changes, this update introduces Stone, Apples, the Stone Axe, and the Stone Pickaxe. I didn't make a wooden pickaxe yet, but I probably will in the next update.

Here is a quick gameplay video of some of the new features added to v0.5.0.

For the next update, I want to build in a "room" generation engine. This will be used to create random buildings that appear on the surface, eventually leading to NPC filled towns where you can trade and do business. The room creation will also lead to random castles on the surface with staircases leading down to multilevel subterranean dungeons that you can loot and explore.

Of course dungeons means there will need to be enemies. I am going to start with basic RPG fare, such as rats and skeletons. This also means combat and health will need to be implemented, along with weapons crafting.

Once these things are implemented, we start to have the workings of an actual adventure game on our hands! If you can't see where this is going, I am basically working towards an open world multiplayer 2d zelda-type RPG with procedural world generation and crafting. So stay tuned, because there is a lot more to come!