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-Help-Colonists angry about education

So I started a new town, decided hell, I'll build schools and see how high I can get my average IQ, so I built a bunch of them scattered around the map, IQs start skyrocketing, awesome. So I go about my business building everything and anything in my usual unorganized fashion, when I start to notice-
Aproval ratings sinking like a rock! and what's everybody angry about? 100% uneducated! Average IQ is 122 at the moment so this confuses me, so I built some more schools around in random locations near some housing and they are still angry! Have I created a colony of super-intelligent elitists? Are their 100IQ friends just too stupid for them to handle? Please help!
I am having this exact problem and it is making me want to scrap this game and call it quits. I can never make the colonists happy with education. I have a ton of schools that are not being used! Fix this please!
I think it also depends on the professions available as well. i notice that on my governmental map my colonists end up wanting tons more education than on my steel or chip factory map. However, I do think that there is a major bug involved in it because no matter what I did on my governmental map, I had to delete it. Even if there were only 20 out of 600 people who were being educated, I got rates as low as 60% with 99% uneducated, with an average IQ of 105
I seemed to have found a viable solution to this problem. It's easy to forget that not every type of school trains people with the same IQ. You can't just build a community college and think that's enough. You need to build all of the school types.

People with 50 IQ can't get into a community college because the Maximum IQ of 90 for the elementary school is the minimum IQ of the college. So new colonists will need an elementary school in order to satisfy their education needs before moving to the college. However, just building elementary schools and colleges might take much longer to raise happiness back to normal. A high school overlaps both IQ ranges and allows colonists to move smoothly from one IQ range to another. A high school has more teachers and can train more students quicker, so getting from the elementary range to college range will be much quicker.

The annoying thing is that each school type has varying amounts of student capacity, so you'll have to play around with adding a few extra of each school type scattered around your colony. And also, a word to the wise, don't pay attention to how many students are in the schools, they don't keep an accurate account in this current version. In order to gauge the success of the changes to education you make, rely only on happiness level and how much of a percentage uneducated takes up on the pie chart, and the average IQ. In my game, I have one school that says it has 112 students in it, but looking at all of the students, they are all either working or sleeping, not learning.

My comment above about education needs based on profession still applies though, if you have tons of high profession jobs, you can expect to have more trouble with education, so still keep that in mind.

I was able to raise my hapiness using these guidlines, maybe you can too.
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