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My Life - Suggestions, Critics and Questions

Hey Basteckein, I played My Life.
It was pretty fun so far and I have a couple of things to mention and questions.
The graphical style of the game is really well done. I really like the whole style and how well it fits together! Very well done!

My first character died because of suicide. I didn't get why. Back then. In my second game I got why he lost his fun so fast: After he became homeless because his trash parents kicked him out he was set to starvation.
I would prefer some window/form where one can see all the factors which are currently applied - Or were applied last turn, for simplicity’s sake. Would just be easier to tweak some things. Especially with the later - old age - health hits in mind.
Poor fellow, starved himself to suicide.

Second Run: Olivier San... (Something I already forgot). Went quite well. At least he recently turned 200 and is no way near dying.
I would like to get some wives not near my characters age. Because multi-billionaire Oliver S. would surely attract some young and fertile handsome women with his strictly lived paleo diet and his huge Mansion.
The main reason I would like to see this tweaked is because those old hags are dying faster than one could marry them after your character reached a certain age.
So the very welcome boost to health by your beloved wife/husband has to fall flat. Also Olivier was a Biggy in politics once... over a century ago. And he wanted a new young wife... you know: Pushing his ego, showing off his new girl some decades younger than his daughters.
But although he could take bathes in money the shipping services denied shipping women younger than 80. Worst service ever! Oliver S. would give only 1 of 5 stars for women shipping!
So also for flavor reasons a couple of younger partners would be nice.

Next thing would aim for some balancing.
If Olivier does shit for about 7-9 Weeks (Depending on Partner) he heads for surgeries for the next 5 weeks and will stay in perfect elderly shape for centuries.
Given he lives in his big ass house and eats Stone Age stuff all the time he has a total living cost of not even 5k a week.
You will earn this in interest with around 10m on your bank account. Having this much is not too difficult. Because after you decided to become president in your hundreds and the money fountain became even higher, you had so much revenue from interest, that Oliver could spent decades being medicated while his money stacked higher to mars and beyond.
No complaints from my side! I can live with that quite fine. Just forgive this wish but I would like to have some interface like the diet interface where you can adjust your weekly medication. So I don't have to click on Surgery every 8 times I clicked ... something else...
And I would also like to see more content to explore after you enter the best couple of hundred years in your life, having enough dead wives to build your own mausoleum city.
I can imagine that there might be more content in the premium version, but there was nothing specific advertised. Just: More Features. I mean I already bought premium accesses to a couple of your games - I wouldn't mind buy a couple more to support the great work. Just wanted to know before ahead.

1. Critic: Very well made and fitting graphics!
2. Wish: Some overview form for all the stats applied – and maybe from where.
3. Wish: YOUNGER husbands/wives. Much younger!
4. Wish: Some interface for medication similar to the diet or living interface.
5. Question: What content comes with Premium?
6. Critic: Thank you for your great games!

@Kaymcray Thank you for the suggestions. It helps a ton when deciding what to add to the game, and this all seems pretty easily implementable.

As for what comes with Premium, I did not put any of the initial content behind the premium "wall," so the only thing Premium does right now is allow you to get the "free money" from the banking tab without having to watch a video (ad removes the banner advertising). The intention is to continually add new jobs/educations/houses/etc, some of which will be premium. Premium items will be clearly labeled as such.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Thanks for the explanation. That puts it clear!
I'm looking forward to new content and features in the future.
Keep up the good job!

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