Suggestion for my land:

If you could make mods that add new buildings and animals it would be amazing. Or even just if it was open source code. I would easily pay $25 for being able to have access to the code and making mods. Maybe even $50. If we could like upload a PNG/JPG and then you put the functionality, including growth(which would require images for the multiple stages), and tree-like could be an option, or a hybrid(like the apple tree), but the time to grow could be adjusted, along with the texture, price, and money it gives you. Also it could work as a path or have an attraction value. New animals would also be fun, which could eat either grass or pig feed, and optionally require water. If there was an easy way to make these things and add them, I would pay $50 for it, but if it was just access to the source code, I would pay $25.