Suggestion for my land:

We need new animals and new uses for animals.
Game mechanics:
Zoology value: Similar to attraction value, will attract people to your land as visitors. Independent from the attraction value.
Max Visitors: Will be doubled, and the 120 new ones will be for zoology not for attraction.
Carnivorous Animals: Will eat other animals, increasing in value by 10% of that animal's value. Can also eat from a meat trough.
Scavenger Animals: Will also eat carcasses and eggs, gaining 20% of eggs value or 1 value per carcass.
Omnivores: Work as carnivorous and also as normal animals. Can be scavengers as well.
Normal animals will eat crops.

Duck: Similar to chicken. Lays duck eggs worth $5 each and will increase land zoology value a little. Can go through water as if it was land.
Wild Boar: Similar to a pig. Will increase land zoology value a little more than the duck.
Ostrich: Similar to a lamb, but will lay eggs worth $50 each. Increases land zoology value a fair amount, and also land attraction value a little. Also has a higher max value.
Elephant: Like a cow, but even more massive. Will eat either acacia or palm trees, but acacia will poison them and remove value instead of adding. Will eat normal crops, as well as apples and figs. Increases land zoology value by an insane amount, as well as add a high amount of attraction value. Costs $25,000 and max value is $50,000. It will destroy nearby fences and evergreens, so requires reinforced fence to contain.
Lion: Similar to the cow, but carnivorous. Will increase the land zoology value by an insane amount. It will destroy nearby fences, so requires reinforced fence to contain.
Wolf: Like the chicken but carnivorous and scavenging. Will increase the land zoology value by a fair amount.
Horse: Works like a cow, but with lower max value. Can be ridden by visitors if near stables. Will increase land zoology a little and land attraction a little.
Bear: Works like a wolf, but is omnivorous instead of carnivorous and has a higher value. Increases land zoology value by a fair amount.
Fish: Can only be placed in water and dies if out of water. Works like a chicken but increases land zoology value, and has a max value of $50.
Acacia: Works like evergreen.
Palm: Works like evergreen.
Fig: Works like apple tree.
Berry bush: Similar to hops.
Meat Trough: Similar to pig feeder, fills with meat.
Safari Center: Works like pizza place, but will make more money with more animals next to it.
Stables:Works like pizza place and if there are horses nearby puts people on them for a price.
Corn Maze: Like the hedge but will grow corn that can be harvested, at double the time normal corn grows.
Berry maze: Like corn maze but with berries.
Butcher: Will kill nearby animals and turn them into meat if the population is high. Look at my machines suggestions. The meat will be able to fill meat troughs.
Sand: Works like cut grass, but will not grow or spread. Nice decoration block, slighly increases land value.
Yellow sand: Yellow version of sand.
Red sand: Red version of sand.
Reinforced Fence: A fence but made of metal. Costs $10.