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Hunger and food - Just DON’T STARVE! (ideas)

#1 2019-08-14 04:53:55
H3110 guys!

First and foremost...
Thanks @bastecklein (& his epic team) has made such an epic game!

I have tried out the game and I have found some apples along the way. When I picked up the first apple, I figured out one thing... Wait, where’s the hungar bar? As well HP?

That’s why I’m posting ideas regarding this today. A survival game cannot be without hunger & food mechanism.

I think I don’t have to explain how the hunger works. Starving too long can be fatural, that’s the simple thing.

Speaking of food. We have quite lots of examples we can take reference from Minecraft. Growing crops, ranching lifesticks... And even get food from combat booty.

So let’s begin with ordinery stuff:
Non-edibles are in red.
Toxic edibles are in green.
Underground Objects are in purple.

Raw food & ingredients
Raw Meat
• Carrots
Raw Fish
• Flax seeds
• Stoneworms

New working station
Kitchen Stove for processing food into more gut-filling meals.
Campfire for some simple meals, just in case you can’t afford a stove
Outhouse for cases you have some ‘personal needs’, but you can get some stinky yet useful poops for fretilizing crops

New Objects
• Pig
• Water
• Flax (one-time harvest)
• Wild Wheat (one-time harvest)
• Wild Carrots (one-time harvest)
Mushroom (one-time harvest)
• Wild Potato (one-time harvest)
• Wormrock (produces stoneworms)
• Cultivated Wheat (permanent)
• Cultivated Carrots (permenent)
• Cultivated Flax (permenent)
• Cultivated Potato (permenent)
• Cultivated Mushroom (permenent)

New items
• Flax Fibre
• String
• Fishing Rod
• Charcoal
• Wooden Plough
• Brownies (poop)

Food recipes
• Raw meat → Roasted Meat
• Raw fish → Roasted Fish
• Potato → Roasted Potato
• Wheat ×3 → Bread
• Poatao ×2 + Carrot + Roasted Meat → Potato Salad
• Stoneworms ×3 → Worm Salad
• Potato + Carrot + Mushroom + Raw Meat ×3 → Meat Stew
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#2 2019-08-14 04:59:30
To be clear what stoneworms are and what are wormrocks, I will explain them here:

Stoneworms are black worms that dwells in the surface rocks and minerals are their diets. Those rocks dwelled with stoneworms are called wormrocks, these rocks can be indicated easily - They have lots of holes inside.
Stoneworms also reproduce quickly. It can be a stable minor source of food when you cannot afford farming; and that’s the reason why you should not dig the wormrocks up, but just harvesting worms from them with hands.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
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