H3110 guys!

To maintain a stable food supply to feed yourself growing your own food is unavoidable.

Today that’ll be the focus!

New working stations
Tree plot - Grows trees and large crops.
Planting box - Allows you to sew seeds and grow them into crops, when the land is not fertile.
Mushroom box - This box provides a dark medium for growing mushrooms and crops that can be only grown in the dark.
Water well - Interact it with wooden bucket gives a bucket of water that allows you to irrigate crops.
Grain mill - By supplying water it pushes the mill to process grain crops into flour for food recipes.

New decoration
Torch Stand - Luminous burning torch stand that will allow you to see in the dark without having torch in your hand.
Stone lamp - Better than torch stand.

New objects
Wild aperoot - This red root tuber does tastes like a potato, but also looks like an ape’s face.
Wild wheat - Ordinery wheat.
Wild mushroom - Common underground plant, easy to grow.
Wild cave-oat - Short and fat underground plant that is covered with grains, it can be found in undergroud lakes.
Bluebeet - Tastes sweet, but toxic if uncooked.
Bouncy Porky - Pigs that have no legs, but able to mobe by bouncing around. Aperoot is their diet.
Pile of mud - Bucket it to obtain a bucket of mud that can be able to create mud tiles; or dig it to get mud pieces for making fertilzers or put into a kiln to make ceramic.

New tiles
Farm tile - Tiles created by ploughs, must be created on grassland or mud. Allows growing of crops.
Mud tile - Where Bouncy Porkys can be found.

New tools
Plough - Creates farm tiles.