H3110 guys!

For long time ago I have tried to design a imaginery military organization - the AlphaCorps.
I have reserved this for three years (or even longer) and wait for a opportunity to see whether who likes my vehicle and mech designs that was applied on the AlphaCorps by me, and I think I finally has a chance for it.
@bastecklein would you like to have a look?

Here, are my re-designed AlphaCorps troops! Feel free to apply them to any civilization - They’re ready for hire anytime!

Here are some descriptions on my troops!
Salamander - A well armoured assult vehicle equipped with a pair of Solarflare Gatling.
Flamebore - A battle tank, mounted with a fireball plasma cannon Flamebore.
Slag-Dragon - A light anti-infrantry mech, they spray slags onto enemies and melt them into nothing other than ashes.
Creep - A mobile turret mech, designed for defensive purpose against all types of threats.
Fatbot - Heavy mech equipped with two powerful cannons and well armoured to breach enemy defenses!
Dragonfly - A gunship equipped with a pair of heavy pounders specialized for destroying enemy defenses.
Alphaian Shield-trooper - Classic AlphaCorps troops, carrying a metal shield as well a SMG.
Alphaian Marines - Advaced AlphaCrops troops that carries a backpack mortar and a mini-bazooka for launching strong raids.
Cyclops - Cheap high-tech meches that can be mass produced, equipped with two guns.
Walking Fortress - Heavily armoured gigantic mech artillery mounted with a triple barral artillery turret.
StingerClops - Modified Cyclops mech equipped with Stinger Anti-Air Missile Launchers.
Tidebreaker - AlphaCorps heavy battleship with a triple barral turret.
Waterskater - AlphaCorps gunboat with a pair of heavy machinegun but not quite well armoured.
MortarClops - Modified Cyclops mech equipped with a pair of mortar cannon for destroying enemy defense without getting too close to defense lines.
Alpha Mender - Just a little repair bot.