Found nothing on the topic in forums or missed it.

I am not entirely sure if this is a bug, but everyone I asked about gate limits said they were not sure.

I am having huge spikes on immigrants like 10k+ in less than 10 min from one medium range gate, I thought it was a bug between multiple gates at first cause I had 5 of them. However I am currently having another spike with one gate.

I am playing on Abandoned World so i did expect getting more people than i have housing for. However when I start the game this evening I had huge frame drop from start. Later on I noticed my pop went from 1.6k to 25k. Graph shows it happened pretty much instantly or in one day.

Again not sure if this is a bug as it could be due to high emigration from another colony. Every time this has happened, the colony frankfort was 100% immigration and also the only colony on the immigration list.

When pop starts going down frankfort is off the list. This makes it seem like frankfort is very big since all other colonies are removed when frankfort is on. This would result in huge immigration from one colony if that colony is overpopulated. So from a numbers perspective it makes sense. However not sure if gates have a limit or not.

Again not sure if this is a bug and asked around to confirm if this could maybe be due to the gate not having a limit on number of immi-emigration.

I tried to deal with the prob first time. Vince said frame drop could be due to education, so I taxed them into provery, which resulted in frame recovery. From there on I focused on killing of the extra pop, best way was to turn off all facilities, I just turned of the power hehe. This help and people started dying faster. Went from 30k at its max down to 13k during that time. However just got hit with huge spike again taking it back to 28k. Was afk for few min so noticed it to late.