H3110 guys!

Last time for the updates on this game, @bastecklein mentioned he will add LIS fraction later, so regarding this, I am now having some ideas here.

  • Rifleman Guerrilla
    Basic infrantry for LIS fraction, with higher mobility, range and firepower than normal infrantries, but less armoured and low firing speed.
  • Bazooka Guerrilla
    What makes the bazooka guerrilla adopted by LIS forces? They have high mobility, effective firepower, and most importantly, cheaper. The only problem is they aren’t armoured at all.
  • Field Pounder Squad
    Field cannons are cheaper and easier to operate, giving a early-stage alternative to battle tanks.

  • Morton-C Battle Tank
    To deal with using limited resources to build up a mechanized army for responding to threats from UE, LIS had been finding battle tank designs which they can be made cheaply (for mass production) but also having impressive firepower and mobility - this tank, invented by a LIS engineer Harrison Morton, gave a perfect solution for it.
  • Marauder
    A lightly armoured Lunar Jeep equipped with a pair of heavy machine gun sutible for rapid raids.
  • LIS Mortar Light Tank
    Artilleries are too expensive. Alternatives must be found - LIS modified the light tanks into cheaper mortar tanks that are able to attack enemies from a long range.
  • Morton-C Scorch Tank
    Infrantry swarms are so annoying that you want something to burn them into ashes. That’s why the Scorch varient of Morton-C is born.