My Colony v0.97.0
Premium purchased.
Platform: iPhone 7 Plus - OS 12.4.1

Because of the issue of super-slow colony loading that I described in another thread, I thought I better back up all my colonies. I was then going to bring the slow-loading region colony onto the desktop and see if it loaded slow there as well.

Only, the save and backup feature isn't working. I've tried every single one of my colonies, large and small, one-city and regions, and the app freezes when trying to save. I closed and restarted My Colony. Restarted the iPhone. Tried it while connected to the internet and when now. No matter what I did the app would freeze and when I went to the files area of my iPhone the backup file was not there.

In previous versions I've had no issues with saving colonies. I think the last one I saved a backup was about 3 months ago. Sorry that I can't narrow down the versions further than that.

Is anyone else having a saving problem on mobile?