H3110 guys!

This time I think I’ll go straight into the contents.

Zolarg Empire
The great Empire of the Insectnoids, who specializes swarm techics and deadly bioweapons! Beware of their Drone armies and Behemoths!

  • High Hive
    Headquarters for any Zolarg army division.
  • Soldier Mound
    Where Zolarg swarms are trained.
  • Flight School
    Zolarg unlocks their airforce without tech centres. Here trains their drones.
  • Sugar Burner
    Power grid facility of Zolarg.
  • Spire of Knowledge
    Tech Centre for Zolarg forces. Access to Tier 2 technology.
  • Watchtower
    Basic defense of Zolarg force. launches acid grenades.
  • Floating Watchtower
    Aquatic varient of Watchtower.
  • Boat Docks
    Navy yard of Zolarg.
  • Beast Ranch
    Trains Zolarg armoured units - Cavalrybugs. Unlocks by T2 tech.
  • Ballista Battery
    T2 defense. Long range.


Tier 1
  • Swarm Phalanx
    Basic melee units of Zolarg forces make up with crawing miners. Strong power, cheap training cost; yet weakly armoured cannon fodders.

Tier 2
  • Pikerbugs
    The ranged Zolarg infantries. They are lightly armoured and uses Piker-IV anti-tank rifles for combat.
  • Conquerbugs
    These brave swarm of infantries are nimble enough to capture buildings. Also have ability to attack enemies like Swarm Phalanxes but weaker.

Tier 3
  • Unholy Crusader
    Ultimate infantries for Zolarg forces, each are enchanted with the unholy powers of Antaura!
  • Phantombugs
    These unholy swarms of Phantombugs are invisable to bare eyes of any living thing! (but sensor arrays do detect them)


Tier 1
  • Swarmer Drone
    Cheap, weak flying insectnoid drones of the Zolarg forces. Has extra sight.

Tier 2
  • Bumblebee
    These large flying drones fires penetrating needles to your enemies and let them know, what is PAIN! Also known as ‘The Living Gunship’ to humans!
  • Hornet Knights
    They are extremly nimble and fast insectnoid drones with reasonable armour. Sutible for sudden raids.

Tier 3
  • Phantom Drones
    The unholy insectnoid drones specialized for stealth attacks!
  • Unholy Dragonfly
    Dragonfly? Dragon Fly? It doesn’t matter! They fires acid bombs and they are definitely deadly with it!

(more ideas will come here soon! Stay tuned!)